Essay about The Appearance of Youth in the 1960's

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Fashion in the Sixties

Throughout time the United States has changed, whether it is hairstyles, clothing styles or all around consciousness, the people of this fantastic era represent the patriotic lifestyle of the 1960’s. The appearance of the youth in the 1960’s was different than that of any era that came before, and many of the styles that originated then are still seen today, thirty years later. As one takes a look back upon the sixties one must remember that, unlike today, it was imbedded in a society of war, assassination, and political mutiny.

All of the drastic change in fashion of the sixties came from the youth. They began to disregard old ways and develop their own new ways of dressing as well as thinking. Teenagers were
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This caused a larger gap between generations than usual. Jeans were considered regular uniform for the youth. Actually in 1966 Levis sold $152 million in jeans, doubling 1963’s figures. Bell-bottom jeans were some of the more popular jeans. Another thing the sixties brought to the male’s wardrobe were earrings. Although not extremely popular until later, the sixties erected the beginning of the male earring fashion statement. Formal attire in this time was very popular. Although the top hats from the fifties had vanished, suits were still worn accompanied by a small tie know as the "Mr. John Tie". In the church's of the sixties casual attire was not and option. The fashion revolution had begun and the men of the 1960s never looked so good.

The women of the sixties were dressed to kill so to speak. The mini skirt was first introduced in 1964. There were several new fashion trends in the female end as well as the male end of course. Most women would wear their hair long and straight. This was a problem for girls with curly hair so toiletries were introduced to straighten hair. In fact in the sixties the United States saw a large outbreak of teenagers consuming toiletries. In 1964 teenage women made up for 11% of the female population of the United States, however they accounted for 23% of total sales for toiletries and cosmetics. Jeans were seen to be very popular during this era for women also. They would sport "hip-huggers", or jeans that fit tightly

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