The Apple Doesn T Fall Too Far From The Tree Analysis

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Frankenstein Essay “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” is a common idiom which basically states that kids are like their parents. This theme is utilized very strongly in the novel Frankenstein. In this case, however, the creature is very similar to his creator, Victor Frankenstein. For example, they both have a strong relationship with nature, an undying thirst for revenge, and they are isolated from the people around them. As the novel progresses, it is apparent that Victor and the creature find peace in similar things, and struggle with identical problems. At age 15, when Victor sees the lightning strike a tree, he becomes fascinated with nature. It was at that moment he desired to study natural philosophy. “The impossibility of remaining on the lake after that hour, had rendered our residence within the walls of Geneva very irksome to me. I was now free. Often, after the rest of the family had retired for the night, I took the boat, and passed many hours upon the water” Not only is Victor fascinated by nature, but he even takes comfort in it. The creature is also captivated by nature. He says “One day, when I was oppressed by cold, I found a fire which had been left by some wandering beggars, and was overcome with delight at the warmth I experienced from…show more content…
Although Victor had a loving family, his secrets isolated him from everyone around him. Because he could not tell anyone around him about the creature, he was essentially stuck with himself and no one to talk to. Likewise, the creature had literally no one to talk to. Because of his repugnant features, he was cast out from society. This feeling of alienation led him to commit terrible acts. Similarly, because Victor had no one to confide in, he made rash decisions which led to his demise. Evidentially, both the creature’s and Victor’s lack of confidants led to impulsive choices made by both of
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