“The Apple Of Your I” Case Analysis. 4.7. Which Of Porter’S

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“The Apple of Your i” Case Analysis 4.7. Which of Porter’s four competitive strategies does apple engage in? Explain. Out of the four competitive strategies according to Porter, Apple engages in a focused differentiation strategy. Apple has been very successful by creating different products and services from competitors that are innovative, high quality, and user-friendly. From their unique product designs, to their state-of-art development of operating systems and software, Apple’s has continuously exceeded the evolving consumer demand in the current market. Furthermore, due to their open and inviting sales floor at their retail locations, genius help desk, and well trained sale peoples, Apple has welcomed more than a billion customer…show more content…
We are all born with the ultimate pointing device—our fingers—and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse.” (Apple) Last but not least, the third reason why apple has been so successful is brand loyalty. Apple has a cult following not only because of their attractive aesthetic design and packaging with bright colors or hype marketing, but because they are customer focused. Apple does not just sell products, they also sell beliefs which creates loyalty with the consumers despite their pricing. Apple’s investments in its stores and customer support makes the customers experience easier which customer love and very beneficial to Apple. 4-9. Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011. Until his death he had been the heart and soul of Apple’s Innovation. Today, 35,000 Apple employees continue onward in his absense. A huge question for many investors is whether the company can be successful without him. The current stock price would seem to indicate that the market does not. What do you think? What role did Jobs play? How can Apple respond to his loss? Would you be willing to invest in Apple without his leadership? Why or Why not? Apple has shown that they can be very successful after the death of Steve Jobs in October of 2011. They have continued to create unique products, update previous ones, and have shown no signs of slowing down in

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