The Apple Watch : A Case Study

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The Apple Watch: A Case Study Part One: An Overview Apple has always been something of a trendsetter in the tech space. Its product history since Steve Jobs’s return in 1997 gives us a solid list of examples to choose from, from its very first iPod, to Apple’s PowerBook (and later MacBook) lines, to the iPhone and the iPad. Apple’s history is dominated by products that existed before Apple had a crack at them - but it was Apple who simplified them, made them appealing on a much wider scale, and ultimately made them objects of desire for the masses. The launch of the Apple Watch fits a similar mold. The concept of the “smartwatch” had existed long before Apple introduced it, from the very early forays of wearable manufacturers Fitbit and Pebble, to later Android Wear products like the Samsung Gear and the Motorola 360. But these products were never quite able to break out of a “niche” category. From a marketing standpoint, two main issues have always plagued smartwatches: 1. People (1) generally see the smartwatch as a complete replacement for the smartphone - and expect to do everything a smartphone can. Further compounding this problem are factors like low battery life and high prices, turning smartwatches into something that people see as wholly extra and unnecessary. 2. Smartwatches were seen as dorky and unfashionable, and the only people that would wear them, according to market perception (2), were die-hard Android enthusiasts and other wearable-focused

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