The Application Of Cloud Based On Accounting Information System

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The application of cloud based in accounting information system Introduction In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as an important solution offering enterprises a potentially cost effective model to ease their computing needs and accomplish business objectives. This research report aims to make people understand cloud computing and the challenges and benefits in cloud use in accounting information system. For this purpose author gives an explanation of cloud accounting and have an example of other commercial cloud bed accounting information system available on the market. And discussing 4 points of challenges and 4 points of benefits about cloud based AIS adoption. At the last providing author 's recommendation of success…show more content…
That doesn 't depend on the local terminal, but a server for processing and storage data. People only need a displayer connecting the service, the data could be processed, providing an easier and convenient way for users. As could computing developed, increasing number of businesses would like to choose cloud based accounting software, for instance MYOB, for working as MYOB, data files are backup is automatic, users don not need to upgrade or load something accounting software on it, or large accounting data files taking up all that space, there is no more data backups required. Cloud based accounting systems could automatically upload the live feeds anytime, and you also can upload by itself. It saves your time, effectively. It provides a flexible working style user can use MYOB track the day to day transaction, financial management applications and manage cash flows at anytime, anywhere, users download the cloud accounting system software they can use different mobile devices (e. g. Ipad, smartphone) running their businesses to realize a flexible lifestyle. Challenges and benefits As we know, cloud computing is storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer 's hard drive. When an enterprise adopts
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