The Application Of Communication Theories

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The Application of Communication Theories When it comes to international students on Western Kentucky University’s campus, ignorance is the best word to describe my prior knowledge concerning them. Taking it a step further, this term can extend to my awareness about race in general on campus. However, I am pleased to say that I am now somewhat more knowledgeable concerning the diversity at WKU. This is due to my recent participation in the Race Intergroup Dialogue Discussions over the past few months. When we first began this group discussion, we were a group of college students who were hesitant to delve into the deep, controversial, touchy subject of race. We were comprised of roughly six male United Arab Emirates graduate students, an African American female graduate student, an African American female undergraduate, a Hispanic female undergraduate, approximately six Caucasian female undergraduates, and one Caucasian male undergraduate. Our two female leaders consisted of a Caucasian and a person of African America/Native American/Caucasian heritage. The only reason I list the multitude of races is because it is the basis of our group, and had a large impact on the discussions we held. Although we began as a group of strangers hesitant to offend one another, during the process of the group, we became more comfortable with one another and more open to discussing controversial ideas. One of the first topics where we got a good dialogue doing was then we discussed
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