The Application Of Evidence Based Practice

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The application of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) requires doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff to be proficient in conducting quality research of peer reviewed academic literature (Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice, 2016). This process enables them to obtain appropriate and relevant evidence to support medical decisions. For example, to support the medical management of preterm births within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community (“Health of Australia 's Aboriginal Peoples” 2016), health professionals must access numerous peer-reviewed journal articles by searching on databases such as Medline and CINAHL. The identification of quality research in this area can enable them to expand their knowledge as to why higher preterm birth rates are more prevalent among the Aboriginal Australian community than the non-Aboriginal community ("Health of Australia 's Aboriginal Peoples” 2016). This information can be used to make informed decisions to lower preterm birth rates and improve health in this at-risk population group. My search for relevant sources to assist in gaining knowledge on factors that increase preterm birth in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations began with a basic search on PubMed. Typing "preterm birth in Aboriginal Women" into the search bar provided me with a range of different articles, however few provided specific information on factors affecting pregnancy duration and preterm birth due to the broad nature of the search.
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