The Application Of Field Effect Transistors ( Fet )

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In this project we have discussed about the basic information related to Field Effect Transistors (FET). Starting from the history of FET and its development over the years. It is a three terminal unipolar transistor involving single carrier type operation. Next, we discussed about its composition and basic operation principle. We also focussed on different types of FETs commercially used worldwide and their significance at various level of Electronic industry. Scientific papers on FET were read thoroughly and various advancements were noted. It was realised that modification in FET can bring about tremendous change in characteristic of the device. Though the advancement bears a numerous drawbacks and requires future research, a step closer to low cost and environment friendly device has been initiated. The advantages and disadvantages were also discussed precisely to help us understand the selection of various devices in different circumstances. Lastly, future prospect of FET is discussed that can lead to promising advancement in the field of electronics.

Transistor is a semiconductor device which is composed of at least three terminals and is mainly used to amplify, switch electronic signals and electrical power. It is the fundament and inevitable part of modern
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