The Application Of Hardware And Software

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Throughout the semester, the class was composed of lectures and recitations where we learn to use MatLab, PSpice, and myDAQ. After ten recitations, we were assign a group project that demonstrated the knowledge we had gained throughout the entirety of the course. Although we had the option to choose from the following three detention circuits: a resistor-thermistor voltage divider circuit, a phototransistor-resistor voltage divider circuit, or a standard PC microphone driving the audioInput of the myDAQ, my group opted out towards the PC microphone detention circuit. Within the PC microphone detention circuit, the microphone should have been able to detect three different states of noise. The first state consists of the microphone detecting no noise, the second state consists of the microphone detecting the presence of some noise, and the third state consists of the microphone detecting a louder noise than usual.

The Implementation of Hardware and Software

For this project we used a smartphone and the myDAQ in order to make a detection circuit that could detect no noise, low noise, and high noise. We first connected the myDAQ to the computer and then plugged the myDaq with the smartphone, since the phone was the sound source. We then created a new Blank VI project in LabView, we started by producing a while loop followed by choosing acquire signals, analog input voltage, and finally selecting audioInputLeft and audioInputRight. From there we chose analog
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