The Application Of Machine Learning

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In the recent years, machine learning has made very significant leaps in terms of development. It has undergone a lot of improvement, growth in the industry. Because of its ability to learn and improve itself and make predictions based on data, its popularity has grown leaps and bounds in the recent years mainly due to the large scale data processing and managing capacities of machines nowadays. Many applications of machine learning has come into picture in the recent years.
Machine Learning makes use various learning techniques based on the type of problem at hand or the data available. One of the most important learning technique is the ‘Supervised Learning’ technique. Supervised learning makes use of already available labelled training data to infer a function. The training data is then used to make generalization for making predictions for the test data by introducing an inductive bias into it. Supervised learning methodology has been applied fairly successfully to Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Database Marketing, Information Extraction and Retrieval, Object Recognition in Computer Vision, Spam Detection, Game Playing, Speech Recognition, etc.
There are many different approaches to supervised learning. Some of these are widely applicable and others are applicable only to certain specific set of problems. Some of these are Naïve Bayes classifier, Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, Gaussian Processes, Boosting, and Artificial Neural…
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