The Application Of Microsoft Office

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All started when Bill Gate and Paul Allen, two friends that as early as 13 years old started to mess around with computers, drop out of college to create their own business. This business founded April 4, 1975 is known today as Microsoft Corporation. Allen and Gates created a basic interpreter for computers, that was rejected by Digital Research, but later on IBM made a contract with them. The creation of the MS-DOS for IBM in mid-80’s gave Microsoft the high rock success that still last till this day, making them the dominant operating system for personal computers. Likewise, Microsoft became at a later time the leading business in office suite software better known as Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office is a set of programs to serve different purposes for business or personal motives and developed by Microsoft Corporation.
Although in 1983 Microsoft Word was created and used, it wasn’t until 1989 where Microsoft Office was officially released, which included Word, Excel and Power Point. From that stint, more than a dozen versions had surface perfecting the applications already integrated, and introducing new one. For instance, with the announcement of Windows 1.6 Microsoft Office a new application arises, Mail for PC Networks. In 1992 another version of Microsoft Office was issued in conjunction with the first Microsoft Office CD Room Software and the first Professional version that encompasses Access.

With time comes change, and computers were growing from 16-bit to

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