The Application Of New Technologies

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The Application of New Technologies to Improve Business Communications

Technological advancements have the capacity to affect every aspect of the business world. With an exponentially growing communications sector, new communication technologies are constantly providing ways to improve and optimize business correspondence. The business world clearly values tradition; over time, most core business principles and methodology have remained the same. Business owners are sometimes weary of experimenting with new communication technologies because it is a blurred line between informal communication, and one that is simply quick and efficient. The adoption of new technologies has the potential to vastly improve business communications, saving businesses time and money, while promoting lateral communications. These new technologies range from devices to “apps”, but the focal points of this essay will be almost exclusively app-related and cover a couple emerging devices that are uniquely applicable to business environments.
The first application that is largely unused by businesses is Telegram. Telegram is a “new era” messaging app, with many more unique capabilities than the commonly used WhatsApp or iMessage. Telegram Messenger LLP is headquartered in Berlin, and was launched in 2013 by Russian entrepreneur brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Telegram is available for download on a wide array of devices, including iPhones, Androids, Windows Mobile, Mac computers, Windows PC’s, and a
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