The Application Of Qr Code

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The development of QR Code has resulted in a revolutionary change in the marketing management practices. QR code has made it easier for the marketing professionals to sale services by virtually representing the usage, benefits and drawbacks of the service to the clients (Chitty, Hughes and D 'Alessandro, 2012). The paper has been developed to discuss the potential application of QR Code in service marketing and discuss several factors using various marketing theories and principles. Finally, the paper discusses the future development of interactive content and information to support service operations and customer satisfaction.
Question 1
In the contemporary business development, Quick Response Code i.e. QR code can be
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By using the services theory of culture, QR codes can evolve the commercial performance as customers will freely identify and access the information related to services (Sang Ryu and Murdock, 2013). For instance, in the healthcare sector, consumers can scan the QR code to identify the services terns, cost of services, facilities available etc without wasting valuable time. Meanwhile, by using QR codes marketing of services will become more instrumental, to say the least. By influencing the marketing culture, QR codes can set up a paradigm that can be utilised by the target demographics to satisfy their knowledge (Kulkarni and Malagi, 2016).
Alternatively, in the financial services, customers do not need to wait for assistance to compare the services of other financial firms. By quickly scanning the QR code in an advertisement published in a newspaper or online, customers can gather detailed knowledge and information about the services and position of the firm in the market. Thus, consumers can easily select the best services of the firm without delaying the procedure (Shin and Lee, 2014). Conclusively, QR codes will add a new dimension in the services sector marketing leading to sustainable marketing.
Question 3
As shown in the case study, QR codes can bypass multiple layers of distribution leading towards effective marketing of services and products, the advantages of the
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