The Application Of Therapy Models Essay

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The Application of Therapy Models to the Treatment of College Sexual Assault Survivors When people think about college and the college experience they oftentimes think about studying, the terrible food, and living in residence halls, something that is not often thought about is sexual assault within the college population. Sexual Assault is prevalent on college campuses around the country, and because this experience is prevalent in this population, there is a great need for counseling techniques that help these individuals process this experience. There are quite a few studies that have considered the reasons behind the high rate of sexual assault on college campuses and the factors of the situations in which sexual assault occurs, but very few focus on this population. The experience of sexual assault has a profound impact on the physical, emotional, and mental health of the individuals, many survivors of sexual assault deal with the effects of that experience for many years and even a lifetime after the experience occurred and many never seek professional help to help them cope with the event. Incidences of sexual assault on college campuses are vastly underreported and accurate estimates are not well known based on data collected from college campuses around the U.S. and the well-known fact that a clear majority of the victims will never report their assault for one reason or another. Researchers have been interested in the best way to support this population using
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