The Application Value Of All Round Nursing Care

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Objective Analyze the application value of all-round nursing care in an infantile febrile convulsion. Method Ninety-eight cases diagnosed with infantile febrile convulsion from February 2013 to October 2014 in our hospital were selected to participate in this study. This study has been approved by the hospital 's ethics committee and has obtained the informed consent from the patients as well as their families. The patients were divided into a control group (n=48 cases) and an observation group (n=50 cases). Patients in both groups were offered anticonvulsant treatments. Simultaneously, the control group was offered general nursing care while the observation group was offered all-around nursing care. We compared and analyzed the nursing…show more content…
Phenobarbitone was offered to the patients with persistent high temperature while the mannitol intravenous injection was offered to the patients with ceaseless convulsions. The control group was offered general nursing care, including horizontal position for children patients, releasing the color, turning the head to one side to clean up oral secretions, keeping respiratory tract from impeding, and offering masks for oxygen inhalation. Physical methods are combined with drug cooling. Monitor the changes of vital signs. Every nurse handles 2 to 3 patients, recording the toilet cases, observing the situation of consciousness, mental and neurological reflex, with or without convulsion recurrence or convulsion aggravated. Patients in the observation group are offered all-around nursing care, which is as follows: 1. Reasonable hypothermia: as for patients with a temperature lower than 40℃, cold towels can be applied on the forehead, palms, neck, armpit on both sides and the thighs. Warm water or ethanol can be used interchangeably. As for patients with a temperature higher than 40℃, fever cooling patch or antipyretic suppository can be applied but oral febrifuge is prohibited before children patients’ convulsion is controlled. 2. Convulsion prevention: when convulsion occurs, mouth gag can be placed in the middle of upper and lower molars and press
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