The Applications Of The Iot

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Whether one is a student or a teacher, he/she will not go through a school day without being exposed to a device connected to the Internet. The applications of the IoT in education are endless, and the results are extremely favorable for the student, teacher, and the university. For example, the emergence of the IoT allows schools to enhance access to information, keep track of key information and resources, and improve the safety of their campuses [5]. Professors can spend anywhere from 12-14 hours in a day teaching, working with individual students, and/or grading assignments and tests. The surge in connected IoT devices does not require professors to manually grade assignments; therefore, they are provided extra time to use as they please. Also, devices connected to the cloud allow professors to gather information on their students; this data can then be used for two things. First, the data acknowledges which students require the most individual attention, need, and care. Second, teachers can adjust their teaching strategies or lesson plans for future classes by analyzing the received data. From a student standpoint, IoT devices and applications allow the student to capture notes quickly and effectively, eliminating the time to manually write the notes; this allows the student to focus on the lecture that is being presented [5]. The transportation sector can also be loosely connected from an education standpoint. Using IoT devices, students can keep track of buses and
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