The Applications of DNA Typing

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DNA Typing has become more present in the world with the creation of new technology, allowing justice to be served in courtrooms, helping to identify bodies after major devastating events have occurred, and also in processes that the average human does not pay much attention to such as the production of biofuels. The process of DNA Typing is not easy considering the fact one must first go through the multi-step process of DNA extraction. Along with DNA Typing also comes the job opportunities that are available, the organizations that have been created in respect to this subject, and the average salary that is available to people who hold a job in this field of work. The use of DNA Typing will become more common in the near future as the…show more content…
("Interesting Uses of DNA Profiling") The interesting subject of DNA Typing to be used in major sporting events can be clarified by the use of this method in the marking of footballs to stop the rising popularity of the deception of rare sporting items. ("Interesting Uses of DNA Profiling") DNA Typing has left an important mark on the world of science since it has become a prominent part of identifying people and one-of-a-kind items such as sports memorabilia. The process of DNA Typing has become more common which has allowed more resources to be readily available, while also being at a cheaper rate. DNA can now be privately found using individual kits instead of going to research facilities. Also, DNA can be sequenced for only a few thousand dollars versus a few billion dollars as it was just a few years ago. ("DNA and the Masses: The Science and Technology Behind Discovering Who You Really Are") During the DNA Typing process, one must first go through the method of DNA extraction. The first step of DNA extraction is to find a source of DNA, and the second step is to remove the sample of DNA from the cells. After this, the sample is deposited into a tube that contains measured chemicals. ("Hunter") The chemicals that are contained in the tube include a buffer, which keeps the DNA from falling apart, and other substances that are used to break down the cells and release the DNA into the buffer. If
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