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Self- Appraisal Learning Summary Everyday in life is a bargaining process. We all fight for what we need. Negotiation is all about getting what we need from others. It is more effective when we are self aware of our strength and weaknesses. My major strengths as a negotiator can be identified as effective planning, understanding, and good communication skills. A goal without a plan is just a wish. With my past three months experience, I have observed that effective planning is the foundation for success in negotiation. It allows negotiators to develop a road map that will guide to an agreement. For instance, pre-negotiation plan that we do in class, maximize the possibility of achieving an agreement that benefits both parties as we…show more content…
From this experience, I have learned that it is more important not to show the unawareness of the subject and believe exactly what the other party say. I realized that it is more effective to choose a middle course between complete openness and complete deception during negotiation. Dilemma of trust can be avoided by asking probing questions, and call the tactic.I also realized that communicating relevant facts is better able to influence the decisions of others. I mostly admire the openness and trustworthiness of the other party in the process of negotiation. The more one tends to open, the better we discuss and fully understand the situation . These qualities eventually leads to an integrative bargaining approach which enable to find a solution that meet mutual interests. In addiction, I value the negotiators who behave ethically throughout the process. One of the memorable simulation I had with my counterparts is our group simulation between the management and the union. I was the director of production in the management team and my main interests were to increase production efficiency and reduce production costs. In the interest of getting that, I had to convince the union that we need to increase the possibility for future automation of the Richmond plan, along with the fully automated Victoria subsidiary.However, the union was highly refused to make any concessions regarding cut down of employees even we made continuous concessions.
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