The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordechai Richler

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Mordecai Richler(January 27, 1931 – July 3, 2001) was a Canadian author, screenwriter and essayist. He wrote a lot essays about the Jewish community in Canada, and about nationalism as practised by Canadian anglophones and the francophone Québécois in addition to his fiction. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1959) was one of his best works. Like Duddy in the novel, Mordecai Richler came to Canada as a Jewish immigrant during the times when English was the only official language in Canada (even in Quebec) and grew up in the large Jewish communities while facing the difficulties like anti-semitism and segregation. He acquired English as his second language after Yiddish and not French for the same reason. He grew up on St. Urbain Street in the Mile End area of Montreal like Duddy who grew up in the neighbourhood of Montreal east of Mount Royal Park on and about St. Urbain Street and Saint Laurent Boulevard (in the poor areas of Montreal where the Jewish communities were located) and moved to Paris, France for some time at the age of nineteen where his work as a successful writer began(like Duddy, who went to the Laurentian Mountains for a summer job and found his career or aim in life even though he didn’t settle there). His writings are from a time when Montreal was divided into sections and communities based on religion, race and class and his main character Duddy, who’s very similar to him, is from the same time. He displays the coming of age in his life as an outsider

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