The Approach Of Standard Chartered Bank Essay

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1.1) The approach of Standard Chartered Bank to talent management demonstrating the features of SHRM

Standard Chartered Bank is an international retail and corporate bank with its headquarters in London. It has been operating in more than 50 countries with 60,000 employees of 100 different nationalities. The bank has been deriving most of its profits from Asia and other parts of Africa and Middle East. (SCB website, 2008) A couple of years back, as part of its SHRM improvement program; they have started remodeling their talent management activities.
Geraldine Haley, group head of talent management and leadership development in Standard Chartered Bank, gave a clear view of the approaches taken by the organisation in the field of talent management. In this part of the report, we have taken the initiative to attain a match between the 4 approaches of Talent Management by the bank, with the features of Strategic Human Resource Management.

ii. Strategic Human Resource Management and Talent Management:
Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a step ahead of Human Resource Management where the HR functions are connected with strategic objectives of the firm.(Bratton & Gold, 2003)
In this perspective, the association of HR of an organisation not only carries out functions such as recruitment, selection, training and development and rewarding but also manages and creates the right climate and culture through a right leadership style focusing on long
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