The Approach of U.S. Foreign Policy and Terrorism Essay

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The Approach of U.S. Foreign Policy and Terrorism

U.S. foreign policy is plunging head first in its war on terrorism. Our focus is expanding and including various dynamics that harbor American interests. By broadening our focus in our war on terrorism, we are beginning to spread ourselves too thin. Therefore, we risk the danger of fighting too many battles at once. Terrorism is a large issue that American foreign policy will not be able to tackle in the manner it has set out to do.

Recently, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle voiced his concern over the direction the U.S. is taking in its war on terrorism. He was criticized because his statements are "one of the most critical assessments to date of the
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The war is beginning to be an excuse for the U.S. to go after its enemies. With the all-encompassing threat of terrorism, foreign policy is able to use play on words in order to have a justified reason to get directly involved with other regions of the world. Our interests are at stake and there is not a better time to assert such force. Congress is generously agreeing to aid the war and the world's support is on our side. Under our foreign policy initiatives, we are able to manipulate reasons to include new aspects that fall under threats of terrorism, thus threats to the national security of the United States.

The United State’s consideration of deploying troops to the former Soviet Union republic of Georgia aims to provide training and equipment to Georgian forces to patrol and combat the border shared with Chechnya. There is evidence that fleeing Al Qaeda fighters, particularly in the Pinski Gorge area, have joined Chechen rebels. Interestingly enough, “ Before September 11, Russia had faced regular and harsh criticism from the West for alleged human rights violations and the use of excessive force in Chechnya. After the attacks on the United States, the criticism was largely muted,” (“Georgia”). The events of September 11 have caused the State Department to now accuse the Russian government of not doing enough to control Chechen rebels. Foreign policy has expanded to directly addressing the Chechen conflict
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