The Appropriate Joinery Technique When Building Wood Furniture

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To: ENGL-315-45 Classmates
From: CJ Peterson
Subject: How to Choose the Appropriate Joinery Technique when building wood furniture
Date: April 6, 2016

Many people want to build their own furniture and other wood projects, but aren’t sure how to start. Different types of projects require different types of joinery, but your average Do-It-Yourselfer (DIYer) can do most beginner projects.
It may seem overwhelming to many of you to take on a new task such as building your very own furniture. Choosing the wrong joint could lead to additional unnecessary steps, weaken the object, and cause premature failure of the furniture. Alternatively, it could just plain look unattractive — a thing to be avoided for sure.
Choosing the appropriate joinery technique is quite simple as long as you follow the appropriate steps. I have been building furniture and remodeling homes for eight years, which means I have done quite a bit of woodworking. I am hoping to share this experience with my classmates so that they can reach the very attainable goal of building their own furniture.
A good place to begin is to identify the main joints, consider what uses each is best used for, and examine your own ability to execute each. These joints have all been around for a long time; they have been tested in numerous applications. In this report, I highlight some of the main joints and their applications.

Joint Options and Selecting the Correct Joint For Your Project


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