The Aquaan System Models: Betty Neuman's Systems Model

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Masters (2015) defines a metaparadigm as a universal discipline consisting of multiple concepts that relate to one another. Each of the concepts intertwine creating a strong connection between person, environment, health and nursing. When all four metaparadigms connect it represents a person as a whole entity, thus addressing the person as a whole to promote well-being. Each of these concepts are represented in Betty Neuman’s Systems Model and show a strong correlation between the person also referred to as client system, environment, health and nursing. “The Neuman Systems Model is a unique systems-based perspective that provides a unifying focus for approaching a wide range of nursing concerns” (Masters, 2015, p. 128). A portion of the uniqueness stems from the model’s focus on the client system’s reaction to environmental stressors (Masters, 2015). The NSM consists of the four concepts and further breaks down into smaller domains.…show more content…
I believe environmental factors play a heavy role on a person’s life, whether is stems from psychological, physiological, developmental, sociocultural, or spiritual. In order to promote our patient’s well-being and stable state we must identify these environmental stressors and incorporate interventions in the plan of care to return to optimal system stability. This statement alone connects person, environment, health and nursing and creates a whole entity. Person or client system is composed of the 5 variables mentioned previously along with lines of defense and resistance. Once the line of defense is compromised due to an environmental stressor, the concept person and environment have made a connection. In order to correct the stressor, the concept nursing is applied using any or all of the levels of prevention as intervention to restore client system stability which is represented in the concept health on the well-being

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