Essay about The Aquatic Ape Theory

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Around five to seven million years ago in Africa, a man/ape primate ventured about in the wooded areas. (Morgan, 1982) “My thesis is that a branch of this primitive ape-stock was forced by competition from life in the trees to feed on the sea-shores and to hunt for food, shellfish, sea-urchins etc.”, quoted from Alister Hardy. For the need of food, shelter, space, and resources, the hominid relocated from its traditional environment of the tree, toward water. As evident today, many species of monkeys and apes seek these resources in trees. According to Elaine Morgan, the man/ape primates that stayed and continued to survive in the wooded environment millions of years ago, are the direct ancestors of today’s monkey and ape primates, while…show more content…
Humans naturally have plenty of fat tissues under their skin, and their wide, flat feet are more likely to be cut on rocks. (Westrup, 2002) These multiple similarities of humans with aquatic organism and the environmental situation of the time, greatly suggest and helps proves that AAT best fits the explanations of the man/ape primate evolutionary split. The Aquatic Ape Theory explains the start of human evolution on the bases of basic evolutionary terms established by Charles Darwin. As explained earlier, the theory states that humans traveled from the wooded area toward water. In doing this, humans adapted to the new aquatic environment, dealing with survival of the fittest and geographic isolation which caused speciation. Speciation is the evolutionary processes through which new species arise from existing species. Part of the hominid that stayed in the woods, are the organisms that evolved into the ape primates that we know today such as the chimpanzee and bonobo monkey. While the other part of the man/ape primates relocated to the water, this is the speciation of the human evolutionary line. When the early start of the human line moved to the water, they changed from the life of gathering and surviving in the trees to gathering and wading in the water. The AAT uses the facts and features of today’s humans to theorize what happened in the past. Humans are much more
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