The Arab- Israeli Conflict Essay

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The Arab- Israeli Conflict

AO1: "What are the main differences between the beliefs and attitudes of the Jews/Israelis and the Arabs/ Palestinians towards the land now called Israel with the Gaza Strip and the West Bank?

The Arab- Israeli conflict is one of the most interesting conflicts that have strained relations between the Muslims and the Jews which involves a small but significant piece of land known as Palestine (Israel today). This conflict is not rooted in modern times though, as this section of my coursework will explain.

Both groups have extremely strong views on this topic, both historically and religiously important, which has lead to this stalemate between them.

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Another reason why the Jews believe they needed their homeland back was the way in which they were treated in the European countries. Western people generally hated the Jewish people- they were obviously different in terms of customs, diet and dress. Many Catholics blamed the Jews for the death of Christ on the cross, and resented the fact that the Jews were good moneylenders, rich and much more influential than the working class Europeans. This all lead to a belief now known as Anti - Semitism, which made the Jews feel intimidated and unwanted - but they didn't have another place to go. The biggest example of this was that many Europeans blamed the Jews for the Black Death or "Bubonic Plague" outbreak in the middle of the 13th century, as a punishment from God for harbouring them. In Strasbourg for example, 2000 people were burnt on a massive scaffold erected in a Jewish cemetery in 1349. Many countries started to evict the Jews from Europe as they were seen as "evil and rash men, enemies of God and Christianity". Over the next 100 years hundreds of thousands of Jews were made homeless and had to seek a safe land in the Eastern countries, which already had steady amounts of Jewish population within them.

However, Anti- Semitism hadn't died away by the 19th century, when the Jews started to

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