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There were many factors which contributed to the wars between the Arabs and Israelis in 1956, 1967 and 1973. One of which was President Nasser's personality. In the 1950's a new president, Gamal Abdul Nasser, came to power in Egypt. President Nasser had a very strong and determined character and was very eager to get revenge on the Israelis for the 1948 war, which Egypt lost. President Nasser wanted to get Palestine back into the Arab control and to do this he had to unite the Arab world under his control. In order to get what he wanted Nasser needed money and arms. Czechoslovakia was giving aid in the form of money and weaponry to the Egyptians. The reason they did this was because they…show more content…
President Nasser also persuaded King Hussein of Jordan to help the Fedayeen by allowing them to go through Jordanian territory, to carry out their attacks. The west were frightened of losing their influence in the Middle East and thus they, along with Israel, decided to make a joint attack on Egypt. This factor therefore led to great conflicts between the Arabs and Israelis. b) Choose one factor which you think was the most important in causing the war. (9 marks) From the list of factors given, I consider that the Russian foreign policy was the most important in causing the wars in 1956, 1967 and 1973 between the Arab's and Israelis. During the Arab-Israeli conflict, the world's two greatest 'super-powers', USA and the USSR were in a cold war against each other. Since they were bitter enemies, it is evident that once the USSR found out that the USA were helping Israel in the war, it decided to help the Arabs in rivalry. The Suez-Sinai war in 1956 was when the USSR first helped the Arabs by providing them with military arms and equipment. Since Czechoslovakia was under the influence of the USSR and it was the main country to provide the Arab world with fighter planes, warships, bombers, tanks and guns, it was seen as though the USSR were directly providing help for the Arabs. It can be seen that without all the USSR's military

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