The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

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Many innocent people are being killed everyday due to the conflict between Palestine and Israel. The creation of the State of Israel has caused the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Israel was created after World War 1 by the League of Nations, for Jewish people. Palestinians who previously lived on the land felt a threat to their homeland and resorted to violence. The United Nations tried to divide the territory into two states to resolve the conflict. Palestine declined and the Arab countries declared war on Israel. The war ended in 1949 by the Armistice Agreement. The Agreement recognized international borders between Israel and its neighboring countries (Arab Israeli Conflict 4).Palestine was left with the West Bank and Gaza. However, Israel recently started to occupy the West Bank and Gaza. Israel now controls the borders of Israel and Palestine. The disdain between Palestine and Israel is a problem, and peace must be made between the two sides. Many people have been harmed and killed because of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. 6,890 palestinians and 1,091 Israeli citizens were killed between 2000 and 2014. Many of these deaths are on…show more content…
The fighting between Israel and the militants caused the death of 2189 palestinians, which 1486 of were civilians, according to the United Nations(BBC 8). Hamas has caused the killings of innocent Israeli and Palestinians. Hamas had been building tunnels into Israel to carry out terrorist attacks. Palestine children were being forced to build the tunnels. According to Hamas officials, 160 palestinian children were killed making the tunnels (BBC 10). One of the tunnels were also found beneath a kindergarten. Hamas are causing immense terror upon Israel and its people. In response, Israel are targeting Hamas, which has also caused death of innocent
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