The Arab-Israeli Conflict and Black-Jewish Relations

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Arab/Israeli Conflict and Black-Jewish Relations: In the 1960s, Blacks and Jews had good relations and a good alliance as they both fought for civil rights together with Martin Luther King. However, the good relations and alliance soon unraveled after the sixth day of the joint war resulting in many Blacks accepting and radicalizing the Islamic religion. These people considered the Palestinian's as their brothers because they shared the same skin color and religion. The good relations between Blacks and Jews was also affected by the thought that Jews were Zionist or pro-Israel by many Blacks. Notably, the main event that had a huge impact and effect on the Black-Jewish relations was the Arab-Israeli conflict. Black Jewish Relations: Blacks and Jews were natural allies who were able to automatically empathize with each other's predicament since both groups were once slaves and were constant victims of discrimination and prejudice. As a result of their good relations, the Jewish people assumed that any attempt that was less than their good relations with Blacks was a betrayal of the communities who were sacredly working together to eradicate bias (Shapiro par, 6). In many cases, the Jewish people tended to disregard the significant sociological and historical differences between them and Blacks. The good relations between these two communities were also fueled by the belief by Black people that the Jewish American experience was not similar to theirs. According to
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