The Arab Spring And The Middle East And North Africa

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The “Arab Spring” is the revolutionary wave of protests and demonstrations in the Arab World, in both the Middle East and North Africa. These waves and protests were done both in peace and violence, and up to this day with the exception of Tunisia there is no clear sign if the Arab Spring is successful or not. The Arab Spring were caused by many different factors, differing from the way the Arab world was split in the end of the Cold War disregarding the different factions in the region, to the injustice in government, coincidentally, resulting the war all to seemingly happen simultaneously.
The Arab Spring sparked at the end of 2010 to much of 2011 and overflowing to the beginning of 2012. It all ignited quite literally in an incident in Tunisia when a policewoman harrases, confiscates his cart and spits on Mohamed Bouazizi. Fed up with the way his country is being run and hopeless he sets himself on fire, “his actions then caused commotions and protest throughout his country” (Telegraph). Due to this anti-government uprisings Maummar al-Gaddafi and the rulers at the country at the time fled as revolts took place. After Tunisia numerous other states took part in the Arab Spring, revolting and protesting to overthrow their respective Authoritarian and Dictatorship regimes. The list of countries include: Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria, Jordan, and Oman. In Libya “on 11 February, 2011 the people organized an anti-government demonstration spread to Tripoli and…
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