The Arab Spring : Anti Government Protests

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The “Arab Spring,” was a chain of violent and nonviolent anti-government protests that spread in the Arab world in 2011. This movement was widely popular and appealing to the people participating in these protests. The Arab Spring symbolized patriotism and giving citizens a chance to remove unjust, corrupt leaders, social and economic unrest, and demand more rights. It was a universal message that was put forth through a series of major international events. Many had positive outcomes which made the Arab Spring much more impactful. The movement began in Tunisia where the suicide of a local vendor unleashed the widespread injustices of the public and eventually led to the downfall of the corrupt and cruel policies of the president. Almost immediately, the protests began to spread to other Arab nations. Egypt and Libya also voted for new leaders due to similar existing corruptness and injustice of its leaders. Through the use of social media and many rallies being gathered online through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Arab citizens attacked the injustices in their countries. Countries like Bahrain and Syria mostly protested the unfair treatment of the Shiite sect because of a harsh Sunni government ruling. They demanded equal rights and took to the streets and online for these rights (Al-Rawi, 2014). With the lack of a political solution, the crisis still continues, and in Syria, a civil war broke out and the brutality and injustice continues. Many of these street protests
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