The Arab Spring Is A Term For A Series Of Protests, And Uprisings Essay

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Arab Uprisings The Arab Spring is a term for a series of protests, and uprisings within the Middle East dating back to 2010. Some of the conditions in the Arab world on the eve of the Arab Uprisings include things such as the persistence of authoritarianism, high poverty and unemployment rates, and youth disenfranchisement. In regards to the persistence of authoritarianism, there are “5 major reasons that authoritarian governments were able to survive in the Middle East for so long. These include (1) the maintenance of fiscal health, (2) successful maintenance of international support, (3) patrimonialism vs institutionalism, (4) lack of popular mobilization, and (5) the existence of a credible threat”. (Hoyle) In terms of high poverty and unemployment rates, it’s important to understand neoliberalism and how many Arab states implemented neoliberal economic policies that their countries were not ready for. In result to this, poverty and unemployment increased, as well as high income inequality. For example, in the year of 2008, “52.7% of Egyptian households still survived on the equivalent of $2.00 per day. In addition, due to government policies of structural adjustment, the gap between rich and poor in Egypt was immense at the time of the uprisings”. (Hoyle) Meanwhile, in terms of youth disenfranchisement, the Arab youth were one of the very first groups to take to the streets. The significance of this is that youths were deprived of things, such as employment,

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