The Arab Uprising : The Unfinished Revolution Of The New Middle East

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The Arab uprising: The unfinished revolution of the new Middle East. Marc Lynch. New York: Public Affairs, 2012. 269 pp.
The Middle East has been involved in turmoil for a quite some time. For years, many revolutions have taken place within the borders of the Middle Eastern area of the world. Outside influences, the United States of America in particular, have tried to decrease the turmoil with military and policy intervention. These efforts have not taken into account the needs of the people involved in the revolutions. Interventions from Western influences have also fueled the revolutions instead of decreasing the violence they cause. In the book, Lynch analyzes the issues that led to the Arab Spring in the Middle East and ends the book with an assessment of solutions to help develop the United States relations with the Middle East.
In the beginning of the book Lynch states in his thesis that he wants to “make sense of what happened and offer a guide of what is to come.” (1) Lynch, a political scientist and a Middle East studies director, is telling his reader that he is about to break down the events that allotted for the Arab Spring to occur and what we could expect from that point forward. In the first Chapter Lynch discusses “The Arab Uprisings.” He analyzes what exactly makes a revolution a revolution, and states that there is no set formula that makes up a revolution. If there was he claims that the Iranian Revolution and the American Revolution would not be able
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