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The Arab Woman The Arab woman, is there really a clear cut, precisely defined profile of what characterizes a woman of Arabia? Barren sand dunes, nomadic tribes of cloaked men, wearing turbans, mounted on camels, wielding swords, and their weak woman folk to whom they dictate. This is a classic Hollywood image of the Arab’s of the Middle East. The helpless female who is subjected to the will of her militant husband or aggressive father is nothing new to the average person of the present time, where being dutiful and being tyrannized can easily have the same definition in Hollywood and American media. However inaccurate this may be for the entire of the Arab world, it is the societal norm to classify woman as the victim of their male…show more content…
Umm Saad becomes interested in a man, Muhammad who works at a store in her neighborhood. They talk together and he falls in love with Umm Saad. When her father discovers she has been speaking with another man her questions her about who this person Muhammad is. He then goes on to beat her; the beating is so long and forceful Umm Saad falls unconscious. Muhammad come to the father of Umm Saad to ask for her hand in marriage but is refused and told Umm Saad has been promised to her cousin. From upstairs Umm Saad feels heart broken and helpless knowing that what her father says is not true. Other concepts such as arranged marriages are a thought to be common practice where a young girl is forced to marry a man far older than she is. Arranged marriages are never seen as a positive custom due to that there is never a positive example. Again the example of Umm Saad who is married in this fashion is told to get dressed up and is allowed to put on make up. Her mother informs her of the family’s invitation to a wedding and she is allowed out of the house. Her mother, unsympathetic to her daughters explains, Umm Saad is only allowed out because Umm Saad’s father, "...with his big heart, has forgiven you"(Pillars, 102). She is not told this day was her wedding day until they arrived to sign the paper. On her wedding night, she raped by her husband who she does not even know at the time. It is not
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