The Arabic Language is One of the Oldest and Most Difficult

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One of the oldest and hardest languages in the world is the Arabic language because it has difficult grammar and every word or vocabulary word has many meanings. The Arabic language began in the 8th century B.C, but it developed twelve centuries later in 4 A.D. The first people to speak this language are the Christians, but after four hundred years later the Muslims spoke the same language because they lived together in the same area. (The Middle East) In the website it states that, “The Middle East, also known as West Asia, is conveniently located where the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia meet.” According to the USC School of Education more than two hundred eighty million people in twenty six countries speak the Arabic language, but not everyone uses the same accent. There are similarities and differences in how the Muslims and Christians use the Arabic language in the Bible and the Quran, and there are similarities and differences in how they use the language in the Middle East.
In some ways people use the Arabic language in the Bible and Quran in the same way. One way they use the language the same way is that they use the same type of writing. For example in the English language there is cursive and print writing . Another way people use the arabic language is according to Responses to Islamic Awareness, “Our Arab…
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