The Archetype Of Theseus As A Hero

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Heroes are inspirational figures in stories that relay relatable messages. Some of the most famous heroes include Harry Potter, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. In greek mythology, Theseus, like Superman or Harry Potter, is also considered a hero. Theseus was the son of Poseidon who went to Athens to meet his supposed father, the king. In hopes of freeing him of his debt, he travels to Crete where Minos resided and killed the minotaur whom Aegeus was to feed 7 each of the most beautiful maidens and courageous men in his kingdom. Theseus is considered a hero for he possesses qualities of a hero and his/her journey. Theseus fits the hero archetype because he is clever, which means that he has situational intelligence; he is determined, which means that he is firmly set in opinion or purpose; and he has a supernatural helper, which is someone who aids the hero in his/her quest usually by providing them with a talisman or advice.

Theseus is clever in that he is able to figure out a solution hastily given a situation. On his journey to Athens, Theseus encountered Sciron whom he had heard of as someone who fed passersby to his giant turtle. In the text, it states, “When the giant kicked, Theseus pulled, dodging swiftly out of the way as the enormous body hurled over him, over and down, splashing the water cliff-high as it hit” (Evslin 153). In order to avoid being fed to the turtle, he used the giant’s kick tactic against him and sent him hurling down into the water. This
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