The Architect 's Role And Responsibilities

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Brendan Forristal
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Dear Mr. Samuel Adams and Mrs. Amanda Samuels,
FGP architecture is very excited to be working with you to provide a residential experience that you and your family will be happy to live in. In this letter, we will outline the basics of the project including: the architect’s role and responsibilities, timing of the project, owner’s obligations, the scope of the work, contractors and consultants, and associated fees. We are a reliable and efficient firm who is dedicated to providing our clients with personal care and attention that a small firm like ours can provide. Our firm of 8 specializes in historical preservation and residential restoration and have worked 5 different projects, in the past 3 years all going through similar reviews to that which we anticipate for your project. We believe that our team oriented design standards and on schedule work goals will lead to a successful completion of your project. FGP Architects dedicates our time to providing you with the responsible and responsive designs, time management, and exceptional client relationships. We focus on giving every client our undivided attention to provide them with a design they are happy to live in.
The Architects Role and Responsibilities:
The primary role for us as your architect is to ensure that by the end of the project the design intent which you have expressed to us has been completed. The value in having a trained professional working to support…
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