The Architectural Design and Significance of The New Art Gallery of Ontario

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Architectural design Architectural Design (AD) was first launched in 1930 in the UK as its architectural based journal. By then it was just a British scene which thereafter spread and became international. Architecture has then taken great revolution from time to time. There are several Current Trends in Architectural Designs which have taken place since its launch (Anderson, 2011). Architecture is dependent on current trends. It was comparable with any other form of art, whether it is music, fashion design or painting. There is great demand for the incorporation of the latest and greatest advances in architectural design into the modern structures. Many people would want their structures to be at-per with the latest designs, but…show more content…
In architectural design, there are various stages a person should adopt while coming up with a world class structure. Building design is best understood by being broken down into the following stages: Programming or Site Analysis: before the commencement of any physical work being implemented, there is a need for the professionals and experts to take a close look at the site of the project and make initial determinations. Programming phase helps the experts to communicate the parameters, objectives, tasks and all work entailed to make the project go through successfully. At the end of it, a programming document will be produced, articulating the plans for the project (Burden, 2000). . The adoption of Schematic Developer Design: it is in this phase individuals think of when they imagine architectural design. There is a preparation of intricate sketches of every aspect of the building floor plan and design by experts. Preliminary sketches are made and developed into a detailed floor plan, elevations, and eventually 3-dimensional images of an almost, real life design. These phases created should be approved by the client in order to ensure project effectiveness and success (Burden, 2000). . The final stage is the production of Working Drawings: this last phase determines the final approval of the client for the

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