The Architectural Invention Of The Roman Colosseum

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Rome was one of the biggest empires that originated from the Italian Peninsula. They were known for their infantry back then, but now Rome is revered for it’s beautiful architecture and engineering. One of the most innovative discoveries for architecture was the development of concrete. Concrete allowed for more curves and irregularities due to its ability to be molded. Another architectural innovation, was the discovery of “the vault.” The vault was a series of stones that were cut to make a curved-arch and make use of the stone’s own weight to keep it together. Vaults that were placed at right angles to each other could make a roof that stretched many rooms. The famous Pantheon was built using this technique. The Flavian Amphitheater (or Roman Colosseum) was made for the purpose of showing gruesome battles.…show more content…
It was used as death row for prisoners and as entertainment for the people. The Colosseum itself could hold up to 87,000 spectators. Another building famous as or more than the Colosseum was the Circus Maximus. The Circus Maximus was built for chariot racing and could hold 150,000-350,000 people. It was 650 yards long and was several times bigger than the Colosseum. After the Roman republic was established, a large amount of roads were built for the purpose of moving soldiers around faster. A total of 372 roads were built and they were not uniformly made. Romans learned road building from the Etruscans, but Roman engineers developed their own methods, such as the use of paving stones. The roads came in different sizes depending on how much use they would have and would be made of different materials such as gravel, flint, small broken stones, iron slag, rough concrete, or fitted stones, depending on what was in the
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