The Architecture Of Software Intensive Systems

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Article 1 summary

This article is mainly describing about the architecture of software intensive systems by using multiples of concurrent views, which is allows to study about the various stakeholders , end users,developers,system engineering, project managers,etc.., and to handle indusully functional and non function requirements.
Mainly software architecture deals with the design and implementation of high level structure in software.It is the result of combination of many architectural elements in some well chose from to satisfy the functionality requirements and non functional requirements like reliability,scalability,portability,and avalibility.
It is very difficult to represent the architecture in the set of boxes and arrows which shown on these diagrams.So as the remedy,author has proposed the description of a software architecture using several concurrent views,each one address one particular set of concerns.
A View model is in system engineering or software engineering is a framework which defines coherent set of views to be used in construction of software architecture
Philippine kruchten designed the 4+1 view model which describes the architecture of software-intensive systems using multiple ,concurrent views.The four view model are logical,development,process and physical.In addition to this selected scenarios are used to describes the serving as 'plus one ' view.use case view has a special significance, it effectively redundant ,deals with high…
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