The Architecture Of Wind Turbines

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1.0-Architecture of Wind Turbines Wind turbines are commonly thought of not being complex; however, turbines are composed with much more than meets the eye. Starting at the base which has drastically changed and will continue to change as new technology arises. The base is the most important part of the wind turbine as it takes forces from all sides, and is the hardest part of a turbine to change because the whole turbine has to be taken down. With today 's technology the base can withstand loads and stress from various directions; therefore, being one of the most important aspects of a wind turbine.
The yaw motor is next in line, and it moves the turbine 360 degrees, a full circle, and this technology is there to accommodate for wind coming from any direction. It has increased productivity, and is key to the production of energy.
The gearbox and generator are the most important aspect of a wind turbine because without, energy would not be produced. With better technology increasing the production of energy. There have been different three stages to the development of wind turbine technology; stage 1, which consist of constant speed turbine with a squirrel-cage induction generator; stage 2, consist of a variable speed turbine with a squirrel-cage induction generator and fully-rated frequency converter; stage 3, which consist of a variable speed turbine with a wound-rotor induction generator and partially-rated frequency converted. Advancement in these stages has…

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