The Architecture in Brazil

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The architecture in Brazil is amongst the world's most progressive and multicultural construction, creating a visual melting pot. The diversity and multicultural ideas resonate within the architectural designs of each specific architect designing in the country. Brazilians have vastly different architectural styles that are unique to their culture, especially modern styled buildings, utilizing cultural aspects from a mixed background. There are plenty of examples of various architects, from the area and from abroad, that bring their own ideas and designs but mix them with local architectural ideas. A comparison between the native architect's design and the global architects' design for Brazil illustrate the diversity of the architecture in the country. The designs may use similar styles but can vary quite a bit, revealing on the architect's background and cultural tendencies. The history of Brazil is unique to many other South American countries and helps account for the multiculturalism throughout the country and its architecture. Brazil was colonized by Portuguese explorers centuries ago, and this culture has continued to influence the look and feel of this country. After colonization, the Dutch and Portuguese brought a number of slaves to the country, mostly from areas in Africa. (Fausto) The native Brazilians and the slaves both were forced to assimilate to the Portuguese and Dutch western and catholic influenced cultures. However, this was not totally

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