The Architecture in Melbourne

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The architecture in Melbourne is characterised by a substantial juxtaposition of old and new architecture. Where there are old architectural buildings that are an icon of Melbourne, there are also more recent buildings that have built a reputation of a Melbourne Icon. These more recent icons are known as The Melbourne Museum and Federation Square. Both the Melbourne Museum and Federation Square started off as a competition for architects to design the new building, whoever came up with the best concept/design would be the designer of the building or space. The Melbourne Museum competition was announced in 1994 where it was also opened for architects to design. The same chance for architects was given to design ‘a new civic square’, known as Federation Square we see today. The Victorian Government held this competition in 1996 and was announced to be an international competition. With the Centenary of Federation celebrations coming up in 2001, the main idea of the design was to generate a cultural space in the Melbourne CBD. The designs and the final plans for the Melbourne Museum were presented in May 1995, where Denton Corker Marshall (DCM) Architects won the competition. Lab Architects, which was based in London at that time, was to partner up with Bates Smart to design this new cultural space, where Bates Smart was considered to be one of the most prominent architecture firms in Melbourne. Federation Square began construction in 1998. These two buildings/spaces were
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