The Architecture of Computer Hardware, Systems Software and Networking

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Solid State Drives Garfield Richards CIS 512 The Architecture of Computer Hardware, Systems Software & Networking Instructor: Dr. Romy Lu 11/17/2014 Solid State Drives Major Benefits The technology behind SSDs is also known as flash memory. It’s becoming more mainstream as prices continue to drop and more organizations are beginning to adopt it in their daily operations. Some of the major benefits that organization are taking into considering in the adoption of SSDs include performance, durability, form factor, and efficiency. In terms of performance, SSDs have much better speed. An operating system that resides on a traditional HDD can take one minute or longer to boot. Compare that to fifteen seconds on a SSD. When…show more content…
Although I mentioned a 1 terabyte SSD, they’re somewhat rare. Typically you’ll find SSD’s sized from 128 to 512 gigabytes. These lower sized drives aren’t sufficient for organizations or individual users who store photos, music, and video content locally. Therefore, the lack of storage space, and lack of availability make the traditional HDDs more attractive as they are certainly more plentiful (Domingo, 2014). Recommendation or not for consideration of SSDs. The Delaware Health and Social Services is running a risk of pushing its existing system to the limit because of health care legislation. It would be better for this government agency to proceed with upgrading to SSD drives in place of the 15,000 rpm drives. The agency is involved in a great deal more of SQL databases and the use of an SSD offers significance performance over traditional drives. As for the Disabled American Veterans nonprofit organization, they’re already using the technology on a smaller and have a very good sense of how it can benefit the organization. They should continually monitor the cost of flash technology and if it continues to fall in price, they should consider getting a preapproved budget so it will already be in place by the time their next upgrade is due. Both organizations clearly see the benefit of the newer technology, but cost is a factor. However, the benefits should be taken into consideration and in time the initial cost can be
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