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Moshe Safdie is an architect who really examines how a building can shape an area. Not only how the space may look but its functionality, impact on the environment, and impact on the surrounding community. He seeks to engage and enrich the communities making unique and inviting spaces to fit the needs of each project. (Safdie Architects) One of Safdie's most well known buildings is Habitat 67 (or Habitat). The concept of Habitat began in Safdie's master's thesis. He submitted the idea to the 1967 World Exhibition and, when it was accepted, established his own firm to help see its completion. (Safdie Architects) A series of carefully planned and stacked concrete blocks, Habitat seeks to create a space where every resident of the…show more content…
Yad Vashem Children's Memorial was initially built in 1987. The original building is tunneled through the hillside as he envisioned. The room with the photographs became the Hall of Names. A big circular shaped ceiling holds hundreds of pictures of the children who had died. The next room an eternal flame burns. There is a voice that plays that gives the names, places of birth, and ages at death of each of the children that died. The voice does not repeat for six months. After going through this room, a hallway takes you back out into the sunlight out the side of the hill overlooking the mountains of Judea. (Safdie Architects) Eventually the museum was expanded and reworked and Safdie was hired for part of this as well. (Arc Space) Marina Bay Sands is a 845,000 square meter area and a $5.7 billion build cost project that was constructed in Singapore. It consists of a hotel, casino, shops and restaurants, a convention center, the Museum of ArtScience, and topped 55 stories up with a 9,941 square meter "SkyPark". The SkyPark is also the world's largest cantilever stretching 65 meters (213 feet) beyond the roof of the last skyscraper. It also contains seven site-specific works of public art handpicked by Safdie. (Saieh) It offers a full 360 degree view of the city from the top and the towers were designed to frame the city from a distance. (Arc Space) This is one of

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