The Arctic Monkeys: Poem Analysis

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AM is currently the Arctic Monkeys’ latest-and-greatest album. Coming out in mid-2013, this brilliant new collection of hits can clearly show how far the Sheffield band has come since their terrific debut back in 2006. They have evolved from smashing punk rock, to deep, slow, near-depressed stories, to what it is now: the recollections of the life of a rock star, filled with drinks, drugs, love, and ladies. Many different artists nowadays change their style and the type of music they produce: Taylor Swift move on from country to modern pop; Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion) has changed from hip-hop rap to slow, groovy reggae; and Drake is slowly moving further and further away from his rap style to a more “Pop Style”. The Arctic Monkeys’ AM sums…show more content…
A great example is “Knee Socks”, where he uses subtle imagery to tell a story about one of his relationships. In the chorus he used the line “When the zeroes line up on the 24-hour clock, when you know who’s calling even though the number is blocked.” As well as giving the vivid image of a late night call-up, both sections of the line flowing together well along the song’s catchy tune, with 14 syllables each. Another fantastic example of Turner’s exceptional lyric work from the same song is the line “The late afternoon, the ghost in your room that you always thought didn't approve of you knocking boots”, where he is able to rhyme several times along the same line, with “afternoon”, “room”, “approve” and “boots”. Alex Turner manages to do all of this, and yet still tell a fantastic story about a sophisticated relationship. “Knee Socks” is still considered an unexceptional song in AM compared to the success of some of the other songs in the album like “Do I Wanna Know” and “R U Mine?”. To still include quality song writing in every song is absolutely fantastic for the replayability of the entire album, and not just the
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