The Arctic Oil Drilling Industry

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Abstract The Arctic oil drilling industry can be seen as one of the most driven economic gains and a step ahead for the country to become energy independence. Nonetheless, the price that comes with this gold liquor has shifted the country’s mission to harvest and provide a clean, eco-friendly energy. The continuous drilling processes come with negative impacts towards the areas involved: in this case, The Chukchi Sea, The Beaufort Sea and The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). In order to sustain the oil drilling industry, the massive infrastructure development has been conducted on the areas listed above. From these development, the rate of carbon emission and acid level in the soil have increase; these pollutants are threat not only to humankind that lives there but also to the unique wildlife species such as the polar bears, arctic seals, caribou and whales. It is undeniable that oil drilling industry comes with a lot of benefits, however the aftermath of this development has proven that the government need to take an action to control the negative impacts from this industry.
It is widely known that the oil industry has been the economic backbone to the United States, as this industry promises lucrative income for the country. But, it is risking the environment at the same time. This paper will discuss the negative impacts from the drilling activities that are occurring in the Arctic, a region that is well known for its oil production. Today, there are…
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