The Arctic Sea Will Be Completely Ice Free During The Summer Months

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In 2012, scientists saw the smallest amount of Arctic ice cover ever recorded. Most analyses project that, within a matter of years, the Arctic Sea will be completely ice-free during the summer months (Bradford). Ecoeduca foundation is an advertisement agency out of Santiago, Chile. Their aim is to increase awareness about the detrimental effects of global warming and bring to light those who’s lives are being influenced by it the most, in an effort to lessen the consequences associated with global warming as shown above. In one of their advertisements specifically geared towards this message, a polar bear lays with her cub in a battered box on the side of what appears to be a dumpster. The words ‘global warming is leaving many homeless’ appears in capital letters on the top left of the page. The overall mood of the ad tends to hold a somber and dark tone, shown mostly by the sharp contrasting colors in the text and the trichromatic scheme. There also appears to be water streaming from the box to the foreground of the image where Ecoeduca’s logo appears in smaller font urging the reader to get more information at the 10th annual Climate Changes Convention of the United Nations. Ecoeduca’s advertisement plays an effective role by touching its readers in a profound and disturbing way through the use of pathos via imagery and color, logos via text, and ethos to bring light and awareness to global warming. Ecoeduca inserts pathos into the theme of the advertisement by the use…
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