The Are You Born?

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1.Where were you born?
I was in the United States of America in Gary, Indiana. I was born in the United State of America in Gary, Indiana. My grandparents were born in United States of America in Gary Indiana.
2.What is your ethnic affiliation and how strong is your ethnic identity?
My ethnic affiliation is African American. My ethnic identiy is very strong ethnicity and we as African American stays together. We have many outings in which we stick together such as family reunion, parties, and always pray together. In family reunion, we does many dance routines such as Cha Cha Slide, D-low shuffle, Juke Slide, and eltrectic slide. In parties, we celebrate in tradition to our ethnicities is every 1st birthday, 16th Birthday, 18th Birthday, 21st Birthday, 25th birthday, and the 50th birthday which is the golden birthday. Within the birthdays and family reunions we celebrate, we always praise God and thank him every time we celebrate.
3.Who are your major support people: family members, friends?
My major support people are my family members. My family members support every decisions that I made throughout my life even if they did not agree with it. My family is the only one I can count on with supporting me especially my mother. My mother always know what best for me and always tell me pray about it. I live in ethnic community which is pronioity African American.

4.How does your culture affect decisions regarding medical treatment?
My culture affect decisions regarding…
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