The Are You Living On Purpose?

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Are you living on purpose? To live on purpose is to live with a sense of being. Living in ones truth in lite of Gods word. Did you know that your purpose is inextricably interwoven with the purpose of others? Like a teacher, their purpose is to deliver instruction to a pupil. They cannot fulfill their purpose if there isn 't anyone to teach. Arguably, an airline pilot 's purpose is to fly an aircraft from one location to another. However, unless they have access to an airplane and fly from one geographical location to the other, they cannot fulfill their purpose. In both cases, the purpose of the pilot and teacher are tied to something or someone that is beyond them. God has divinely weaved humanity together in the fabric of life…show more content…
This is an arduous process, but it is worth it. It is time consuming but there is great value. At times, our patience will be tested but if we keep the big picture in mind, God will complete the masterpiece of our very lives. Each puzzle piece represents a season and experience and it is through these moments that God grants us glimpses of our purpose. Through this daily process, God grants us the favor and strength to keep putting the pieces together. For this reason, I believe that the Hebrew writer was on target when they encouraged us to never forsake the gathering of the saints (Hebrews 10:25) because the faith community can help us make decisions about where the puzzle pieces may work best. In other words, their Godly advice and wisdom will help to point us in the right direction. Here are five helpful steps in putting the the pieces of purpose together. 1. Don’t rush the process but take your time! Remember that you are on God’s time (Isaiah 55:8) and His time is perfect. The longer you live, the more God will reveal to you who you are. Enjoy the journey of learning what His purpose is for you. Prayer, meditation, worship and praise is not a sprint, but a marathon. Take your time to get to know your Creator through what John Wesley calls, "The Means of Grace." 2. Take the puzzle out of the box and work on it. In other words, think outside the box! Don 't worry about finishing the puzzle
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