The Argument Against The Existence Of God

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HJ McCloskey in 1968 wrote a paper that tried to argue against different Christian philosophy theories. He tried to argue against the existence of God, specifically in the Cosmological Argument and Teleological arguments. He also tries to use the existence of evil as an argument against the existence a God. His arguments ultimately show a lack of understanding. A lack of understanding of these basic christian arguments and basic Christian theology. The issue at the very beginning of this article is that of differing definitions. McCloskey comes out with talking about Christians not having proofs, and how he will refute them. He is continually using this language throughout the article. The problem is that a Christian would not define the arguments as proofs. A proof, when defined, has the idea that you are 100 percent certain that you are right about your thesis. It is really more of a scientific or mathematical term. The Christian would argue that you can never completely know if God is real. There is an element of faith involved. Instead of saying we are going to use “proofs” to “prove” God, it is probably more accurate to believe to use the word argument. Instead of proofs, a Christian is coming up with the best possible answers to the questions of the universe. On one hand this may upset the atheist. The atheist may wonder why you would believe in something that you cannot one hundred percent prove. This is faulty thinking, in that there many things that we do not

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